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Cutting Boards with Incredible and Unusual Designs!

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Cutting boards are not only functional kitchen utensils, but also unique pieces of art. In this article, we explore how you can create cutting boards with surprising and unusual designs, using recycled materials and exotic woods.

Necessary materials

  • Recycled or exotic wood (maple, walnut, etc.)
  • Eco-friendly wood glue
  • Woodworking tools (planer, saw, sander)
  • Mineral oil for final finishing
Tablas de Cortar con Diseños Increíbles e Inusuales

Steps to Create Cutting Boards

1. Wood Selection:Choose woods with different tones and textures to give your cutting board a distinctive look. Recycled wood is not only eco-friendly but also adds character to your project.

2. Cutting and Preparation:Cut the wood into strips about 8 inches wide. Make sure all pieces are the same size for uniform assembly.

3. Gluing:Align the wood strips so that the grains and colors form an attractive design. Apply eco-friendly wood glue to the edges and press firmly. Let dry for 24 hours to ensure a strong bond.

Tablas de Cortar con Diseños Increíbles e Inusuales

Glue and join the parts with ecological wood glue. The glue must dry for at least 24 hours.

Use 2 1/2″ hard maple strips and one 1 1/4″ strip. Also cut the end of the maple part of the cutting board so the end would be 1″ and then 2-1/2″ for gluing.

4. Finishing:Use a planer to smooth the surface and remove any imperfections. Sand the board to obtain a smooth surface. Apply several coats of mineral oil to protect the wood and enhance its natural beauty.

Tablas de Cortar con Diseños Increíbles e Inusuales

A striped cutting board was also made using strips of hard maple and walnut wood. He cut the maple strips to 1″ wide and the walnut strips to 1/2″ wide.

Tablas de Cortar con Diseños Increíbles e Inusuales

Once all the cutting boards are dry, run them through the planer to have a good finish and spectacular design.

Popular Designs and Styles

Stripes: Combine different types of wood, such as maple and walnut, to create striped patterns that stand out in any kitchen.

Tablas de cortar con diseños increíbles

Geometric: Cut the wood strips into angles and geometric shapes, and assemble the pieces to form an abstract, modern design.


Inlays: Add inlay details using contrasting colored woods or materials such as epoxy resin for an artistic touch.

Care and maintenance

To keep your cutting board in optimal condition, clean it with warm soapy water after each use. Apply mineral oil regularly to preserve the wood and prevent it from drying out.


Creating your own cutting board is a great way to personalize your kitchen and practice woodworking skills. With a little creativity and patience, you can transform recycled materials into functional pieces of art that will impress your guests and make your cooking tasks more enjoyable.

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