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How to Make Your Own Pallet Bed

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How to Make Your Own Pallet Bed Using a platform is a very easy task. So you can make your own bed the way you like using pallets either for economic reasons or because they give an incredible style to a place. The basic advantages of a bed with pallets is that it can be easily made by anyone, it costs little, and you can always use the pallets in a different design to create a different piece of furniture according to your needs.

To make the bed you will need: pallets (which you will find in a carpentry store), paint (buy the shade you like in a hardware store), screws, metal sandpaper and connections (which you will find in all stores with industrial tools and materials).

1) Rub the pallets well with sandpaper (special tool that polishes wooden surfaces).

How to Make Your Own Pallet Bed

2) If you want to paint your pallets with the tone you want. Paint them and then let them dry well.

3) Use metal connectors to screw pallets together to make your bed more secure.

4) Repeat the same procedure with a second layer of pallets to place on top of the first layer. Secure the lower pallets with screws using metal connections.

How to Make Your Own Pallet Bed

5) Place your mattress on the pallets and your bed is ready.

Advice: You can screw the pallets wider to the top of the bed so you can also use it as a nightstand. Or simply place the top pallets horizontally and the other two bottom pallets vertically. Then, on top, the pallets will look wider and you can use them for bedside tables.

How to Make Your Own Pallet Bed

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