How to Make a Flower Jar with a Plastic Bottle

How to Make a Flower Jar with a Plastic Bottle. An easy and economical construction to decorate your home by recycling your plastic bottles to turn them into vases. Cover it with sticks and decorate it with flowers and butterflies, they can be plastic or paper either as stickers.


  • Craft boxes or wooden brush
  • Square plastic bottle
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paint (Color to choose)
  • Decorative flowers, butterflies, etc. (Stickers)

Paint the bottle and toothpicks the color of your choice. Cut a rectangular piece from the bottle and glue the toothpicks on.

Decorate with flowers and butterflies.

Also our homes are currently being invaded by plastic, especially plastic drink bottles. Plastic, an unnatural material, is not absorbed by the soil, so everything is thrown away, partly through negligence, partly through indifference, and is not recycled if collected. individually, it accumulates in the environment over millions of years, causing significant damage to nature and animals.

In conclusion, there are creative people who, thanks to their imagination and genius, can turn simple plastic bottles into various useful decorative objects to decorate the house in a different way: from pots to necklaces, from flowers to decorating doors. – Classic pencil.

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