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DIY Paper Mushrooms: Fun Crafts to Decorate Your Garden

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DIY paper mushrooms are a creative and inexpensive option to add a touch of whimsy to your garden. With simple materials and a little time, you can create charming, personalized decorations. Below, we offer you a detailed guide to making these mushrooms.

Necessary materials

  • Paper balls
  • Toilet paper rolls or kitchen towels
  • White cardboard
  • Green felt
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • red and white paint
  • Brushes

Step by Step Instructions

  • Prepare Materials: Gather all the necessary materials. Make sure you have enough work space and protect the surface with paper or plastic to avoid paint stains.
DIY Paper Mushrooms: Fun Crafts to Decorate Your Garden
  • Paint the Paper Balls: Paint the paper balls with red paint. Apply an even coat and let dry completely. If necessary, apply a second coat for a more vibrant color.
Pintar las Bolas de Papel
  • Decorate the Balls: Cut small circles from white cardboard. These will be the characteristic white dots of the mushrooms. Glue them evenly on the red painted paper balls.
Decorar las Bolas
  • Create the Stem: Take the toilet paper or kitchen towel rolls and paint them white. Let dry completely.
  • Make the Grass: Cut strips of green felt to simulate grass. Glue these strips to the bottom of the paper rolls, making sure to cover the entire circumference.
Hacer la Hierba
  • Assemble the Mushrooms: Once the balls and rolls are dry, glue the decorated balls onto the paper rolls. Make sure they are well adhered so they don't come off.
DIY paper mushrooms
  • Final Details: Review your mushrooms and add any additional details you want. You can add more white dots or adjust the grass for a more realistic finish.
DIY paper mushrooms

Benefits of DIY Crafts

  • Creativity: They encourage creativity and allow personal expression through crafts.
  • Economy: They use economical and recyclable materials, which reduces cost and environmental impact.
  • Entertainment: They are an excellent activity to do with family or friends, providing hours of fun.


DIY paper mushrooms are a lovely way to decorate your garden with a personal touch. By following these simple steps, you can create unique and attractive decorations that everyone will love. Dare to try this fun craft and transform your outdoor space!

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