Easy project to do with cement and tiles!

Easy project to carry out with cement and tiles, cement is characterized by its great resistance and by not needing an oven to set. For this reason, the techniques for working with cement allow for various works and crafts, handicrafts and objects, both from molds and by modeling the paste.

These beautiful animals are loved by everyone, both big and small. Spring begins and arrives accompanied by these tiny insects that brighten the day and everyone notices it immediately.

In order to make a round butterfly shape, you need to find a soccer ball that you no longer use, or another alternative can be a large rubber ball. Cut the ball in half. At the bottom of the balloon it is necessary to overlap a thin cellophane and fill it with cement mortar - 1 part dry cement / 3 parts sand, dilute until you can obtain the consistency of thick porridge.

To make the ship more resistant, it is necessary to place it in the middle of the grid as seen in the image. And in the same way in a round bowl or jar so that the top of the craft cannot be crushed.

When the cement solidifies, remove the workpiece from the ball and remove the cellophane from it. Dense cement mortar treat and cover all irregularities. Draw the details with a pointed object.

Proyecto fácil de realizar con cemento y baldosas

The tile glue must be used to glue the previously cut fragments of the tiles according to the figure and that's it.

A simple way to build decoration for your patio.

Proyecto fácil de realizar con cemento y baldosas

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