How to make a bowl from a plastic bottle

How to make a bowl from a plastic bottle, also thermoplastic polymer bottles can be deformed by heating. After the heating process, it becomes more rigid, durable and glassy. It becomes even stronger and crystallized when pierced. It can be used as a container for almost any material (eggs, bread, nuts, pencils, soaps, small items, etc.).


  • Plastic bottle
  • Scissors
  • Welder

Fire (in this case a jar and a cotton wick).

Instructions: Cut the bottle. Use the bottom part, but don't throw away the top part. There are many ways to recycle them.

Heat the plastic over the flame and try to make a good shape. But first experiment several times with the leftovers until you have good control. The smaller flame is easier to control. Once you have formed the edge, try heating other pieces to give it a much better style.

Pierce the container with the soldering iron and continue as far as you like. You can pierce the tip or the entire bowl.

Repeat the same procedure on the bottles you have. That way you can perfect this technique and make better designs.

How to make a bowl from a plastic bottle

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