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12 incredible tree houses

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12 incredible tree houses It is a construction designed to maintain contact with nature, remembering that in ancient times, when man hunted, planted and lived in nature surrounded by lush wild landscapes. These houses are also structures that we can associate with childhood, especially the best years we spent climbing the branches of a giant tree. Likewise, these private houses or cabins are a warm reference that fills us with nostalgia and inspiration.

We investigate these curious places and bring you a selection of the 13 strangest and most original houses built in a tree. Each of these homes will make you want to live there today.

Ecological houses to replace suburbs

In Denmark, architecture student Konrad Wójcik designed these houses to replace the suburbs, where small homes accumulate. Due to their design and shape, these cabins get lost among the trees and blend into nature. They all work with renewable energy, fertilize the land, clean the air and provide visibility, shade and ventilation.

12 incredible tree houses

Wooden house in Muskoka

This construction, more than a house, is a building in the tree. It has the capacity to accommodate a large family and is located near Lake Mukoska, in Ontario, in the United States. It is a project by Lukasz Kos.

12 incredible tree houses

Rustic condo, Tennessee

This treehouse condominium belongs to a secluded community living deep inside a forest in Tennessee, United States. This incredible construction is more than 50 years old and 90% of it was made of wood.

12 incredible tree houses

Leprechaun Cabins, British Columbia

These three curious houses, which resemble an elf's house, are valued for being some of the tallest tree houses in the world. They are completely habitable, although they do not have electricity.

12 incredible tree houses

Bird house… 

If you have ever dreamed of living with birds in the middle of a forest, this house is ideal for you. The construction was totally inspired by bird houses, but it was made on a human scale, so that both species could coexist. Internally, the space is distributed into two rooms separated by glass. Those who live in the house can observe the wild behavior of the birds, which use this home as a temporary nest.

Nostalgia on the tree, Belgium

This house was designed by Benjamin Verdonck for a design festival in Belgium. It is located in the central courtyard of a complex of homes for the elderly in Ghent. The idea of the project is to cause a break in the routine of the people who live with the tree, which now carries them, and allows the grandparents to remember the good times they had during their childhood in a tree house.

12 incredible tree houses

Glass cube, sweden

This cube, also known as a mirror in the tree, was designed by Mirror Tham & Videgard, and is part of one of the strangest hotels on the Planet, in Sweden. Its design aims to camouflage the structure in the forest to allow the guests who live there to appreciate the steppe wildlife, as if they were in the middle of cold nature.

Human nest, Sweden

This enormous nest stands among the trees of the Swedish forest. On the outside, a perfect replica of a construction made by birds, on the inside, a modern house fully equipped and designed to spend a good time in the middle of the trees, with the singing of birds.

Light balloon in the forest, New Zealand

This balloon on the tree, more than a house, is a restaurant. It is located in Auckland, New Zealand, and can accommodate 18 diners, cooks and waiters at the same time. It is not one of the largest restaurants in the world, but it is certainly one of the strangest and most charming.

Spherical loft among the branches, Canada

This spherical loft has been specially designed to cohabit with the environment and house one or two people in the cold of Whistler, Canada. Its shape and height especially attract attention and are worthy of admiration.

Blooming house of sakuras, Japan

This impressive house was built in the middle of a cherry forest in Tetsu, Japan. It currently works as a tea house and is magnificent to visit in the spring, just when the cherry trees bloom and frames the beauty of nature, this construction is perfect with its pale colors. Its architect is Terunobu Fujimori.

12 incredible tree houses

Air Farm, California

Farmers who work the land of an average plot of the population in California reside in these houses. This is one of the most complete and largest tree houses that exists in the world.

12 incredible tree houses

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