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10 Innovative Ideas for Small Pools this Summer

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Do you dream of having a pool at home but have little space? Don't worry, here we present 10 innovative ideas for small pools that will transform your garden or patio into a refreshing oasis this summer.

1. Livestock Tank Pool

Repurpose a livestock tank to create an economical and functional pool, perfect for small spaces.

Novedosas ideas de piscinas pequeñas

2. Wooden Seats

Incorporate wood-finished seating around the pool for a rustic and cozy touch.

3. Pool with Natural Stones

Add natural stones for an original design that blends in with your garden environment.

Novedosas ideas de piscinas pequeñas

4. Inground Pool with Wooden Base

Opt for an in-ground pool with a wooden base for an elegant and sophisticated look.

Novedosas ideas de piscinas pequeñas

5. Wood Finishing

Use wood finishes on the pool liner for a warm and natural look.

Novedosas ideas de piscinas pequeñas

6. Swimming pool in small spaces

Take advantage of every centimeter with compact designs that maximize fun in small spaces.

7. Modern Pool for the Family

Choose a modern and functional design that adapts to the needs of the whole family.

Novedosas ideas de piscinas pequeñas

8. Wood Details

Add wood details to the edges and surroundings of the pool for a unified and aesthetic design.

9. Outdoor Jacuzzi Pool

Combines the benefits of a pool and a jacuzzi in a compact design for outdoor enjoyment.

10. Custom Pool

Design a custom pool that perfectly fits your space and style.

Novedosas ideas de piscinas pequeñas


You don't need a lot of space or a big budget to enjoy a pool at home. With these 10 innovative ideas, you can create a refreshing and elegant space that will make your summer an unforgettable experience.

Get more information on our page perfectaidea.com and on our facebook for more ideas.

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