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Plants that repel mosquitoes!

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Plants that repel mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are not just irritating insect-biters, they are also carriers of numerous life-threatening diseases such as malaria, West Nile virus, encephalitis and dengue fever.

Summer comes with the appearance of mosquitoes. The little bugs scurry around and never seem to go away. But it turns out that there are plants that are actually a natural mosquito repellent. Everyone works in a different space, so it's time to take note and make the most of the summer.

Whether we like it or not, mosquitoes will always be around us, as they can breed in the smallest of containers and puddles. Personal repellents are good, but the best solution is to repel them using the gifts of nature.



Plantas que repelen mosquitos



Plantas que repelen mosquitos


Plantas que repelen mosquitos



Plantas que repelen mosquitos




Plantas que repelen mosquitos


Lemon thyme: 


Plantas que repelen mosquitos




Plantas que repelen mosquitos






Plantas que repelen mosquitos



Gold button: 


Plantas que repelen mosquitos

Silk flower:






Plants bring joy to the home, and sometimes provide healing or relaxing effects thanks to their properties. Among the benefits of plants, there is one that many people will appreciate. There are several species that are ideal for repelling mosquitoes and other insects.

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