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Living room table with pallets

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Living Room Table with Pallets If you want a table in your living room to store magazines, books and games, since children scatter them everywhere, see how you can make one from a pallet.

Mesa de salón con Pallet

Will need:

  • Wood (Pallets – 2 units above and below the table)
  • 4 pieces of solid wood for the size of the leg.
  • Hammer and wedge
  • Circular saw or hand
  • Tape measure or meter
  • Wood varnish
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Glue for wood
  • Matrix for carpentry work
  • Hand nailer or hammer
  • Nails
  • Sandpaper


Separate planks from the deck using the Dremel tool or hammer and wedge. Remove all nails from the wood.

Mesa de salón con Pallet


Using the circular saw, cut the plywood to the size you want your table to be. To do this, cut the pallet boards with a width of 6 cm. Draw a line down the center of the plywood. This will be the guide for placing the planks. Using the sandpaper, rub the boards lightly.


Spread some boards with the varnish to darken and contrast. Using the cutter, cut the edges of the boards at a 45º angle. To make the shelf under the table, use 3 pieces of wood from the center of the pallet and cut them to the size of the table.


Using the drill bit, tighten the 3 pieces into the plywood. One at each end and one in the center. Place the boards using the line as a guide. The boards will overhang the edge of the plywood.


Lay the wood on the planks and glue them to the plywood. The glue helps keep the boards in place while you are nailing them.


After you have nailed all the boards, draw a line where the edge of the table will be and, using the circular saw, cut off any overhanging edges.

Mesa de salón con Pallet


Using extra wood, make a frame for the edge of the table. Cut the wood according to the thickness of the table plus an extra 3 mm. Cut the edges of the boards at a 45° angle and pinch the perimeter of the table.
Cut the other piece of plywood to make the bottom of your table. For the outside edges, cut 2 pallet boards and join them together. You can use just the plywood piece if you want.


Open the holes at the points where the legs insert and screw them to the bottom of the table.

Mesa de salón con Pallet


After screwing on all the legs, place the bottom piece face down on the bottom of the table.


Open the holes and screw the two pieces together. Flip the table over and rub the sandpaper over any rough spots.

Mesa de salón con Pallet


If desired, cover the table with polyurethane, following the packaging instructions on use and drying.

Mesa de salón con Pallet

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