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Build an air conditioner with these simple steps

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Build an air conditioner with these simple steps. In the summer, sometimes the heat is irresistible, that is why we need to purchase a fan or air conditioner, but why not create one with a low budget and very effective?

In this article we will teach you how to create your air conditioning in a simple way for those hot days. You can get the materials anywhere.

You will only need these materials:

  • A plumavit cooler
  • A PC fan
  • A USB cable or cell phone charger.
  • Cardboard knife or cutter.
  • hot silicone
  • Two PVC pipes
  • And insulating silicone

To start our device, take the PC fan and only use the red and black cables. Next, the PC fan is connected to the cell phone charger, for this we must match the cables, that is, the black with the black and the red with the white, remember that the main thing is to join the two black cables and then the ones that over. If you use a USB cable we will only use the black and red cables, the others are not used. Now we will make a hole in the lid of the Plumavit cooler and insert the fan, we glue it with hot silicone, make sure it is well fixed.

This step is the simplest of all. Two holes are made in the lid of the Plumavit cooler to put the PVC tubes and glued with hot silicone. To have a cold environment.

Finally, our homemade air conditioning device is plugged in and we can enjoy a cold and fresh atmosphere that will come out through the PVC pipes.

Here is the video tutorial on how to do it:

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