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Pallets will never go out of style!

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Pallets will never go out of style, they have become a very powerful decorative resource. They have been entering our homes for a few years now. And far from tiring of them, they return season after season to become a staple of our decoration. So here we show you 5 DIY ideas to decorate with pallets.

Los Pallets nunca pasarán de moda

The easiest thing you can do with a pallet is to leave it as is and just sand it and apply a coat of paint. Where can you use a pallet? Well, look at this idea from Mi Armario Coqueto Blog that has placed them as headboards combining a rustic and minimalist style.

Los Pallets nunca pasarán de moda

If the pallet you have is a little small for a headboard, don't worry because we have the perfect solution. You can add some hooks and hang it from the wall and you will have a beautiful rustic style coat rack.

Another fairly easy idea is to add legs and create a cushion for the top and you will get an ideal pallet bench. If you feel like it, try placing a canopy on it and you will create a unique corner like La Chimenea de las Hadas has done.

Los Pallets nunca pasarán de moda

If you have more than one pallet and you like parties, you can create a drinks bar.
Of course, this is very good if you have a more or less decent pallet, but what about those who have a pallet that has nowhere to get it? Well, for that, we suggest that you dismantle it and take advantage of the slats. There are many ideas but we suggest you make such a cool rustic clock.

Los Pallets nunca pasarán de moda

Get more information at perfectaidea.com and in our Facebook for more Pallets will never go out of style.

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