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Building Wooden Wall Hooks!

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Building Wooden Wall Hooks It's getting closer to Christmas and we have a quick and easy last minute gift idea that any mom would love! In fact, you'll want to make one for yourself too!

Construyendo Ganchos de Pared de Madera

If you are purchasing wood for this project, you should get a 1x3 and a 1x2. Both with a length of 8″. For the 1×3, 31″ long. and those from 1×2 to 12″ long. Before beginning assembly, I sanded all parts with 220 grit sandpaper.

I marked 1/2″ from the ends (Bottom and top) of the 1x3 boards and placed the 1x2s on those marks. For this project, since we used 4 boards, we distributed them evenly among the other longer ones.

Once uniform, approximately 7 7/8. Use glue to then nail each marked board into place.

For a rustic oak look, use a coat of Minwax stain and then a thin coat of Varathane Wood Stain paint. Let it dry and then go over it lightly with 220 grit sandpaper.

Use some inexpensive cabinet knobs and install in the center of the top three rungs of the ladder. I bought different styles to add a little variety.

Construyendo Ganchos de Pared de Madera

For the frames, use wooden frames and perform the same procedure as used for the staircase. Make holes in them to pass the jute twine through by hanging them over the knobs.

Construyendo Ganchos de Pared de Madera

To hang the ladder, I used small ring hangers on the top and back of the ladder rails.

You could fill the boxes with photos, images, a combination of the two. Ideal for any home environment.

Construyendo Ganchos de Pared de Madera

My grandma loves plants and gardening, so she's giving it to her this Mother's Day with these adorable little plant jars! There are actually many different variations with this project. You can hang pictures, plants, or even hang empty jars to store office supplies or crafts!

Construyendo Ganchos de Pared de Madera

Get more information at perfectaidea.com and in our Facebook for more Building Wooden Wall Hooks

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