Cut glass with these easy steps

Cut glass with these easy steps. Have you ever wondered what use you can give to glass objects? There are many ways to use it, but in this article we will show you how to reuse those bottles that you have in your home and you don't know what to do with them.

Cut glass with these easy steps

For this project you don't need a glass cutter, you just need homemade tools that you usually have at home.

The materials to use are:

  • A bottle
  • Cord
  • alcohol
  • Lighter and very cold water (with ice)


Next, cut the cord to the size of the bottle and tie a knot where you want to cut it. Wet the cord with the alcohol and dry the bottle completely.

Set the cord on fire and leave the bottle spinning until the fire goes out, at which point you will hear a sound and that's it.

Cut glass with these easy steps

Then you will have to sand the edges of the glass so as not to cut ourselves. For this second bottle we will do something similar, but using a glass cutter.

The materials to use for this second project will be: a bottle, permanent marker, ruler, glass cutter, candle and a lighter.

First of all we have to mark the area where we want to cut with the marker. Then mark carefully and press firmly with the glass cutter along the line, then you will hear a sound. Finally, we heat the area where we have marked with a candle and by constantly turning the bottle you will hear a crackling sound.

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