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Building a Playhouse Bed!

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Building a Playhouse Bed that offers a tidy space under the bed, with a ladder converted into additional storage shelves, obtaining a unique bed design.


  • Reversible Bed, Pine White (KURA Ikea) – Item Dimensions: Length: 78 3/8″ or 199 cm, Width: 41 3/8″ or 105 cm, Height: 45 5/8″ or 116 cm, Mattress Length : 74 3/8″ or 189 cm, Mattress Width: 38″ or 97 cm, Maximum Mattress Thickness: 5 1/8″ or 13 cm.

Other Materials Used:

  • Wooden beams
  • Wood Ribbons
  • MDF (Medium Density Board)
  • Thumbscrew
  • Paint (High Gloss White and Pink) RAL 9016
  • Decorative frame
  • Decorative stand
  • 2 Hinges
  • Door knob
  • Flower basket



Build the IKEA KURA bed.


You can mirror the staircase to the other side of the bed or however you like.


Place shelves on stair treads


To create the door. I secured a door post with long screws diagonally to the frame of the KURA Bed. You only need to install one side of the door, since the other is a bed beam.


Install the door. Make it with MDF material (Medium Density Board). Add two hinges to the door and secure it to the door frame.


To create the front of the Playhouse, including the window frame. First we make a skeleton frame with wooden beams (see frame drawing) and then I put wooden slats on the frame to make the front wall panel. In the middle, I left a space for the decorative window molding


Once you finish making the front of the Playhouse, you can install it on the bed. Secure the frame with the front wall panel to the bed with screws.

Construyendo una Cama Casa de Juegos


Paint with the chosen color. I used RAL 9016 white high gloss paint for all the main areas of the bed. And pink for the doors and windows.


Decorate in the way you like best. Inside, you can paste with Wallpaper. Above the window I added a curtain rail. You can also add a basket of flowers under the windowsill. On the side, a Victorian style support to hang a flower pot. You can also use other types of materials to create other interesting designs, as shown below:

Construyendo una Cama Casa de Juegos

Construyendo una Cama Casa de Juegos

Construyendo una Cama Casa de Juegos

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