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Black and White Makeover for an Elegant Sink!

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Black and White Makeover for an Elegant Sink. We will give our Sink a modern look for our bathroom so that anyone who comes in to use it will be impressed, we will purchase from the Ikea home improvement store (Sink Furniture).

A great idea to renovate your bathroom vanity, affordable, cute, clean and modern!

Cambio de Imagen Blanco y Negro para un Lavabo


  • IKEA Hemnes: 31.5″ or 31-3/8” 2-Drawer Sink Cabinet (this will not work as well with other models, since the pre-drilled holes will be centered on the drawers, you should use a different style)
  • IKEA sink
  • Four modern cabinets (I used them in 6.25″)
  • Modern Single Handle Faucet (Style Used)


1. Install the vanity. It is nothing out of this world to make the connections and installations of the pipes, quite the opposite. We cut the PVC pipe coming out of the wall, but IKEA dressers are designed very efficiently to use pipes that don't stick out much from the wall, so you can have drawers instead of cabinets in front of them.

Cambio de Imagen Blanco y Negro para un Lavabo

2. Drill the second holes (towards the center of the vanity). Measure the space between the holes on the cabinet handles and you should align them very well. I used a screw sized drill bit that came with the handles.

3. Install the handles. This requires some patience (it's hard to get the hole locations so perfect, and most don't come in that large of a handle size).

4. Install the modern faucet. Look for a single handle style unless you want to drill holes in the porcelain! The drain and excess liquid hole will remain chrome plated. You could try to paint them...

That is!!

The top drawer comes with dividers, and both drawers glide so smoothly (AND are easier to open with the wide handles we've implemented).

There is also the color gold and warmer tones, as well as the black handles and the lamp, which will make the mirror stand out.

Cambio de Imagen Blanco y Negro para un Lavabo

Even so, this project can be improved further, it all depends on who wants to do it!

Cambio de Imagen Blanco y Negro para un Lavabo

Get more information at perfectaidea.com and in our Facebook for more Black and White Makeover for a Sink.

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