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How to build modern perforated shelving!

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How to build a modern perforated shelf, its construction can be simple if you have some practice, the shelves can be placed in many places in the house.


  • Thick board (2 cm thick) or plywood that is not torn (60 x 90 centimeters)
  • Wooden slats (2 cm diameter)
  • Sandpaper
  • Wooden planks as shelves


  • Electric drill
  • A saw
  • Wooden tip hexagon (same diameter as the rods)
  • Ruler or Centimeter
  • Pencil


Start by making the holes. You can use a computer and print, to make it easier.

Cómo construir moderna estantería perforada

Then mark the holes on the wooden frame with a pencil.

With the drill, make the first hole on the marks. Try to keep the drill upright and straight, as this will make the positioning of the rods more uniform at the ends.

After the first hole, put a rod in to make sure it fits.

Once you have verified that it fits, you can drill the remaining holes.

After opening all the holes, remove the wood scraps.

If you have scrap wood on the back of the holes, remove it so it lies flat.

Rub gently with the sandpaper. Rub the holes as well to get rid of any type of blemishes.

Measure the depth of your shelves and add them to the thickness of the wood frame. This is the length your bars need. You will need to cut it with a saw.

Put out some rods and try different combinations. Then cut your planks when you're done with the design that suits you best.

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