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Build a shelf with aluminum tubes!

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Build a shelf with aluminum tubes! Nowadays shelves are an essential element in our home, and they are very practical to keep our things in our home organized. At this time in perfect ideas we will show you how to make a multipurpose shelf based on aluminum tubes, remember that you can make many with recycled materials.

A very practical shelf made of aluminum tubes for your home

Arma un estante con tubos de aluminio

The materials to use are the following:

Arma un estante con tubos de aluminio

Watch the following video and learn how to carry out this excellent project.rojekt durchführen.

In this project we will work with aluminum pipe and all its connectors, such as elbows, tees and brackets, to build a 3-tier wall-mounted shelf that can walk on the base of the kitchen or bathroom toilet. . The shape is easy to recreate, giving a more modern look to the space.


The shelf is made of plywood or MDF, purchased in size and varnished, just look at the measurements, because this shelf is designed for a 60 x 25 shelf. If you want it to be larger, you will have to adjust the dimensions. Pipe measurements and distances.

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