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Homemade DIY Tricks for your Tools

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Homemade DIY Tricks for Your Tools Have you ever had problems with your tools? Here we leave you excellent DIY tricks that will help you solve some problems with your tools.

Homemade DIY Tricks for your Tools

1. How to clean a silicone gun (Bricolaje)

Surely if you have worked with a silicone gun and there is residue left inside and you don't know how to remove it. The solution! If you have to use the silicone gun and you can't get it to come off the hard silicone easily, soak the tip in warm water for a few minutes. You will see how the gun works perfectly!

2. How to remove remains of plaster (Bricolaje)

Have you done work at home? Have you left traces of plaster in areas of the house? At this time we will teach you tricks to remove that remaining material. When doing work at home, there is always plaster on the floor or plaster remains on the walls. We tell you a very simple DIY trick. To remove it, lightly moisten a pumice stone and rub it on the areas you want to clean. The plaster will disappear without difficulty.

Homemade DIY Tricks for your Tools

3. How to screw without effort

Problems with screws? Is there no way to screw it in? This great trick will solve the problem for you. Take note! When a screw resists entering, try smearing it first with soap or Vaseline.

4. Tricks for precision drilling

How to make a hole in the wall without the drill press moving and making seven holes instead of one? Easy. To be able to make a hole with the drill with precision, and thus you will avoid making the same hole several times.

Grab a spool of thread that has a hole big enough for your drill to fit in, hold it against the wall where you want to drill, and you're done.

5. Scratches on furniture?

We teach you how to make a putty to fill scratches on wooden furniture. You will be the genius of the home! Do you want to fill a dent in a wooden piece of furniture?

To hide a dent on a piece of furniture or a scratch on doors or wooden frames, you can easily make a putty with white and saffron plasticine to give it the tone you want. Solved!

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