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Clay Refrigerator: Keep Your Food Fresh Without Energy

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The clay cooler uses evaporation to keep food fresh. This innovative device features a top chamber that holds up to 20 liters of water, designed so that water slowly drips down the sides of the unit. As water evaporates, the interior of the refrigerator cools, creating an optimal environment for storing fresh produce. This eco-friendly method can provide a space up to 8 degrees Celsius cooler than room temperature.

Characteristics of the Clay Refrigerator

  • Efficient Design: Includes two shelves that allow fresh fruits and vegetables to be preserved for up to 5 days, and milk can be kept in good condition for approximately 3 days.
  • Original Flavor: This ecological refrigerator stands out for maintaining the original flavor of food.
  • Additional Functionality: It comes equipped with a small faucet on the front, also serving as a water cooler and dispenser.

Clay Cooler: Zero Energy, Guaranteed Freshness!

La Refrigerador de arcilla

Limitations of the Clay Cooler

Although this refrigerator is a great solution for many families in India, there are some limitations:

  • High Humidity: Not suitable for areas with high humidity.
  • Durability: It is not as robust as conventional refrigerators, since it is made only of fired clay.

Despite these limitations, the clay refrigerator is a viable solution for those who cannot afford a conventional refrigerator. Its cost is affordable, with a price of 3,400 Indian rupees (approximately $52 USD).

The clay refrigerator is an innovative and ecological solution for food storage, ideal for those looking for sustainable and economical alternatives. Its simple and efficient design allows food to be preserved fresh without the consumption of energy, offering a viable alternative in regions with limited access to electrical resources.

Are you ready to join the ecological revolution? Find out more about the clay cooler and experience natural freshness without recurring costs!

La Refrigerador de arcilla
La Refrigerador de arcilla
La Refrigerador de arcilla
La Refrigerador de arcilla
La Refrigerador de arcilla

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