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Furniture That Enhances Small Living Rooms

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Furniture That Improves Small Living Rooms can often look cramped, cluttered, and even unusable. You may feel overwhelmed by the limitations of your small space, but you have more options than you think.

#1: A bookshelf with a folding table is perfect if you need a desk from time to time

Shelves are the perfect addition to any home, especially since they tend to pack a punch when it comes to storage conveniences. Although, in a small living space, it's often crucial for furniture to serve more than one purpose, and some bookshelves do just that.

#2: Hide the desk under the dining room table

Furniture That Enhances Small Living Rooms

When you don't have enough space for a dining table and a desk, you may use your dining table for working and studying. This works well, but it can be frustrating when you're in the middle of something important and your family wants to serve dinner.

#3: A coffee table with a lift-up top can double as a work and dining space

Coffee tables are a must-have in any home, but they are not always as functional as they could be. That might change if you bought one with a pop-up roof. These coffee tables may fool you into thinking they are ordinary, but they can quickly extend into a convenient work surface.

#4: A loft bed is a convenient solution if your living area is also your sleeping area

Furniture That Enhances Small Living Rooms

Many people's homes are so small that their living rooms become bedrooms. This isn't a problem for most single people, but it can be a challenge when you don't have a definition between living and sleeping.

#5: A rotating breakfast bar can be used as a dining table

If you're building your own home from scratch and know you'll be short on space, consider space-saving interior design ideas from the start. For example, you may enjoy a breakfast bar in your kitchen for those quick morning snacks, but you can design that same bar to rotate and become a fully functional dining table. Photo: Atelier FB and MAD agency

#6: A bookshelf with a rotating desk offers functionality and takes up little space

Furniture That Enhances Small Living Rooms

Desks and bookshelves are crucial pieces of furniture for many people, but who has room in a small living room for both? Almost anyone can do it if they buy the right desk and shelving.

#7: Choose a coffee table with built-in storage

When you have a small living room, you should think more about the type of furniture you buy, starting with the coffee table. It's the heart of any comfortable living space, but it's not all that practical.

#8: Combine bookshelf and dining room

Furniture That Enhances Small Living Rooms

When you don't have space for a dining room and a study nook in your home, you may think you have to sacrifice one to have the other. Actually, you can have both with a little forward thinking.

#9: A rotating side table can be used as a laptop and dining table

Some side tables on the market are designed to swivel and extend, meaning you can work from them, set down your morning cup of coffee, and even dine on them. Some even come with storage space so you can keep all your work essentials out of the way. These tables are increasingly popular, so you are sure to find them in various colors, shades, and materials to suit your home decor. Photo: Amazon/IDEALHOUSE side table

#10: Mount a leaning shelf above your bed

Furniture That Enhances Small Living Rooms

Not having enough space for a simple nightstand can be frustrating, especially when you want a nice place to store your favorite trinkets in your bedroom. However, you can still have storage in your personal space if you invest in a leaning storage shelf above the bed. They look like a headboard, but they are much more. These storage shelves tilt over the top of your bed and provide out-of-the-way storage for all your favorite things. Photo: Urban Outfitters/Queen headboard tilted over bed

#11: Use Closet Doors for Extra Storage

There will be no need to fill every nook and cranny with your prized pairs of shoes when you have an over-the-door shoe storage rack available. These racks take unused storage space in your doors and put it to good use. You can also install them on regular house doors and closet doors for your convenience.

#12: Use your corners for storage

You can get away with not using the corners in a large room, but small rooms need all the help they can get. Make sure all of your home decor, trinkets, lamps and artwork have a place to live by installing cube shelving in the corners of your room.



Furniture That Enhances Small Living Rooms

#15: Opt for a compact dining set that takes up little space

Dining together as a family can be a challenge with a small living room design, but that could be a problem of the past if you purchased a compact dining set. Often described as space-saving dining sets, they typically have four chairs that fold up on themselves and on the table when not in use.

#16: Replace Your Bookshelf with Under-Ceiling Shelves

Bookcases may be necessary for easy access to your favorite titles, but they can also take up a lot of valuable space. Now might be the right time to sell your current form of book storage and use that money to purchase shelves to install as close to the ceiling as possible.

#17: Choose a Coffee Table with Nested Ottomans for Extra Seating

Furniture That Enhances Small Living Rooms

Coffee tables don't have to be solid pieces of furniture that serve no purpose other than holding drinks and books. They can be multifunctional pieces with nested ottomans that can become additional seating for guests.

#18: A convertible sleeping chair can double as a guest bed

No matter the layout of your living room, you probably have enough space for a regular couch. You might only have room for one, but you could at least have a comfortable space to sit.

#19: Invest in a coffee table that converts into a dining table

Most homeowners would consider coffee and dining tables essential, but how do you choose one over the other when you don't have space for both? You wouldn't have to decide if you bought a table that could perform both functions.

#20: Combine pets and furniture

Furniture That Enhances Small Living Rooms

Animal accessories can take up a lot of space, space that you may not have to do without. Therefore, now might be the right time to think about the furniture you can use for you and your pets while considering interior design.

#21: Maximize storage with floor-to-ceiling shelving

Furniture That Enhances Small Living Rooms

There can be a lot of wasted space in the average home, regardless of whether you have a small or large living space. Get more for your money by installing floor-to-ceiling shelving in your living room.

#22: A Gateleg table offers flexibility and saves space

Dining with family and friends may seem like a luxury for those who have a lot of space, but it doesn't have to be if you bought a table with folding legs. These folding tables can be stored against a wall, out of the way, and still provide plenty of space this way for arts, crafts, and studying.

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