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Coffee table with pallets

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Coffee table with pallets, using home furniture pallets is the best way to get adorable home furniture at cheaper rates and even free of cost. This wooden pallet coffee table It is made of worn pallets.

The design of this table has been constructed in such a way that it provides a entertaining top and a bottom shelf to store your things and even pillowcases and books. Paint your design on this table with a rustic tone! A pallet table can really give you the comfort you need.

This custom pallet coffee table build was also made using separate pallet pieces! The pallet slats have been carefully packaged for a solid design that also offers an additional shelf built underneath.

Coffee table with pallets

The dark gray look has been used as a reference to an antique coffee table! The table can also significantly shake up modern sophisticated living room environments!

The table garnish has been done with an antique candle holder which looks fabulous to represent a traditional or vintage flavor of the decorations. The legs of the tables are angular and are also made of pallet slats!

Coffee table with pallets

All wood surfaces have been sanded so that all wood is smooth, soft to the touch and visually appealing as well. It seems stable in standard dimensions, but you can give it a custom height level and dimensions depending on the demands of your living room!

Get more information at perfectaidea.com and in our Facebook for more Coffee table with Pallets.

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