Transparent furniture is the best idea for small spaces

Those who have small apartments should use transparent furniture for small spaces. A great idea for small rooms is transparent furniture. They will make your space visually larger. You will have a table, but you will also be able to see everything through it. Another reason to choose them is because they look elegant and fashionable. Here we will show you some nice examples of this furniture:


1- Coffee tables: This beautiful coffee table is small, saves space and visually grows your room.muebles transparentes para espacios pequeños

You can store many things in its visible compartment with elegance!

2- Dining chairs: These chairs will look like they don't exist. The amazing thing is that the entire space will appear visually higher. 

3- Nightstand: A great idea for your bedroom. This nightstand is small and will not fill your space.

4- Library: A mini library of transparent boxes. muebles transparentes para espacios pequeños

5- Decoration: Fill a transparent box with your beautiful memories.

6- Shelving: The shelves can be made transparent to store your things. It is very practical and at the same time it will not be noticeable in the room. muebles transparentes para espacios pequeños

7- Room with trapeze: If you need a table to leave your keys, this is the perfect choice. It is elegant and will save you space. muebles transparentes para espacios pequeños


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