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Bathroom Shelves You Can Make Yourself

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Bathroom Shelves You Can Make Yourself, industrial and farmhouse designs are in fashion. Unfortunately, this means that it can be expensive to incorporate these styles into your home.

Plus, you can use reclaimed wood or IKEA shelving to make these projects even more affordable. After all, what's better than adding a touch of style to your bathroom with just a few simple materials?


Kee Klamp fixtures, metal pipes, and IKEA shelves were used to create this floating shelving unit. You can easily adjust the design to fit your bathroom. The pipes are attached directly to the wall and floor, making it a sturdy place to store bottles, towels, and other bathroom necessities. This shelving unit offers plenty of storage space and a fresh color tone to create a calm and organized space in any bathroom.


These rustic floating shelves incorporate a towel holder, which adds a nice touch to traditional floating shelves. Black painted pipe works great in this bathroom, but you can also leave the pipes unpainted for a slightly more industrial look.


How cute are these little decorative shelves? You can place them on your bathroom wall to display flowers or candles. Make your life even easier by using Kee Klamp fittings instead of threaded pipe for this project. You can customize this to fit any space and it makes for a really simple decorative statement.


This unique shelving unit can be made with some cheap materials, but it looks very fashionable. You can use flange hardware to attach a similar project directly to the wall. The S hook allows you to hang the shelf from the pipe. Get creative with your unit or follow this design for a three-tier shelf.


Of course, this shelf is depicted in a laundry room. But why not hang a similar shelf from your bathroom ceiling? You could even use flange hardware to attach the shelf directly to the ceiling instead of the wood beam. Either way, this farmhouse-inspired shelf adds a touch of style and some extra storage to any space.


This freestanding shelving unit could add a rustic look to your bathroom. This would look great decorated with white towels, potted succulents and some candles. This project could be replicated with galvanized pipe and Kee Klamp fittings instead of plumbing pipe.


This project shows how you can essentially use a shelf from your local craft store and add galvanized steel and Kee Klamp hardware to create a towel rack. You can also build the shelf if you want or just use a cheap shelf to save the time of building the wooden shelving.


Here's another toilet paper and shelf combo unit that would only take a few hours to create. You could use unpainted galvanized steel if you want to create a more industrial and elegant look. If desired, create an additional shelf to float above this piece for even more storage or decor space.


Be creative with your designs! No one says you have to stick to vertical shelving. Why not create a geometric piece like this triangular shelf?


Speaking of space-saving and unique designs, check out this shower shelf. This creative design allows you to store shampoo, soap, and even save space for some decorative pieces. You can use galvanized pipe and Kee Klamp fittings to create a similar piece to fit your shower. You could even create a matching shower towel rack.


This project requires plywood, galvanized pipe, flange fittings, and 90 degree elbow fittings. You don't need to worry about painting or staining the wood. After putting together your own unit, you'll be surprised how easy it was.


A three-tier shelf could fit above your toilet or any empty space on your bathroom wall. This design helps keep your bathroom counters tidy. You can learn how to build this project here, but you could easily build a similar project using Kee Klamp fittings instead of threaded pipe.




Although this specific shelving unit was designed for a commercial space, it could fit perfectly in a bathroom. The best thing about using Kee Klamp accessories in your projects is that they are very customizable. Get inspired by this project and then design your own vertical shelf for an empty wall in your bathroom.


Kee Klamp customer Anton created this stylish vanity using 2 ¼-inch galvanized pipe, Kee Klamp hardware, and IKEA drawers. Anton said he chose Kee Klamp fixtures so he could make seamless rectangles. Anton opted for a dark stain, but he could use any shade to suit the look of his bathroom.


Ideas para Decorar tu Casa Usando Esquís

This freestanding shelving unit was designed and created by Kee Klamp customer Bill using pipe, 90 degree elbow fittings, and some wood shelves. This could easily work in a bathroom as a shelf next to the toilet or as a towel display. Bill said this project only took 20 minutes to complete as Kee Klamp fittings are much easier to use than threaded pipes.


Ideas para Decorar tu Casa Usando Esquís

This industrial-chic display shelf could be tailored to fit your bathroom at home. This simple design shows that with some unstained wood planks and basic galvanized pipe, you can easily create a modern shelving unit. The raw hardware helps amplify the industrial feel of this piece. As shown in this image, it works perfectly as a towel storage rack!


Ideas para Decorar tu Casa Usando Esquís

Affordable rustic open shelving may seem hard to find. If you use this piece as inspiration, you'll find that designing a similar project isn't too challenging. All you need is some wood (natural or reclaimed is fine), pipe, and fittings. This 3-tier shelf can be customized using Kee Klamp fittings instead of threaded pipe.


Here is another floating shelf option. This project is very similar to the previous one, but this shows that it is very easy to create a three-shelf piece. You just built an extra shelf and voila, more storage space! Again, all you need are flange, pipe, and wood fittings.


Ideas para Decorar tu Casa Usando Esquís

Here is another beautiful shelving unit made from reclaimed wood, hardware, and pipes. This piece is so simple but looks incredibly elegant! This could fit along a bathroom wall to hold towels or decorative items.

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