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Decorating Ceilings with Wallpaper

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Decorating Ceilings with Wallpaper, there are very few things less minimalist than a good colorful print, when placed where we normally only see white, and if we are lucky, a bit of pastel, then it is perfect. Horror". zero".

It was not my case, after moving, I did not have time to prepare my house, I enjoyed almost empty walls, windows without curtains and pleasant spaces that were free, but I like this way of becoming a "commoner." «space in something, by simply placing it on the ceiling, you can create something extraordinary.

Geometric patterns:

Use wallpaper with geometric designs on the ceiling to create a modern and elegant look.

You can opt for simple or more complex patterns depending on your preferences.

Starry sky effect:

Choose a wallpaper with a dark background and small white stars to create a starry sky effect on your ceiling.

Ideas de Techos con Papel Pintado

This can add a magical touch to the room, especially in bedrooms or living rooms.

Floral prints:

If you want to add a romantic or feminine touch, consider a floral wallpaper on the ceiling.

This can work especially well in rooms like the master bedroom or a girl's room.

Ideas de Techos con Papel Pintado

Diagonal stripes:

Opt for wallpaper with diagonal stripes on the ceiling to add an interesting visual element.

You can choose contrasting colors or soft tones, depending on the general style of the room.

Ideas de Techos con Papel Pintado

Diseños abstractos:

If you like contemporary and artistic, choose wallpaper with abstract designs on the ceiling. This can be a great way to add personality and style to a space.

Remember that when choosing wallpaper for the ceiling, it is important to consider the overall style of the room and how it will blend with the rest of the decor. Also, be sure to follow the manufacturer's installation instructions for the best results.

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