How to Give an Elegant and Luxurious Look to a Simple Table!

How to Give an Elegant and Luxurious Look to a Simple Table. I am sure that most of us have a table that is somewhat neglected or very simple at first glance. Generally, if it is a very simple table, with the right work it can become a beautiful piece of furniture and even give a feeling of luxury and elegance.


  • Table (You can find it at Ikea)
  • Decorative L-shaped brackets
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • Tiles
  • Heat glue gun

First adhere the decorative supports to the 4 parts from the inside of them. Spray the table with Spray and let it dry very well.

Then measure the top of the table and place the tile pieces so they look how you want.

Once you have decided and measured, start gluing the tiles with the hot glue gun. Let it dry well and that's it!

A very easy to follow process, I hope you liked it.

What do you mean by luxury? Sequins and gold, endless square meters, many things and very expensive... Nothing could be further from the truth. Without falling into grandeur, to have a single-story house there is a necessary basic trinity: good distribution, quality finishes and well-studied lighting. From there, what makes the difference are the stylized lines. Including artwork: There are options for all bags, but the standard salt leaves; A classic collar or room is in a high system, with history; a certain family memory; Handmade, in addition to fashion, always brings a lot of personality; Tree and flower, always let me go where you take the time to take care of your home; Foreign furniture or design, which your house indicates follows trends; And, of course, good atmosphere.

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