Learn how to build a basket organizer with pallets

Learn how to build a basket organizer with pallets. Have you ever wondered what use you can give to the pallets you have lying around your home? Surely you never thought that with pallets you can carry out many projects... especially in the laundry room, which is always full of clothes and cleaning products. For this reason we will show you a creative project so that you can store your clothes with this excellent basket organizer only using pallets and a little of your creativity.

Below we will show you how you can build this wonderful basket:

We leave you a very practical explanatory video from a wonderful YouTuber, all the information with the measurements can be found here in this video:

We leave you other similar projects that you can carry out.

You can assemble organizing furniture for the hallway of your home using recycled pallets. You can add a small drawer to store magazines or important papers. I find the idea of incorporating small hooks for masks very interesting, as we continue during this pandemic. You can combine shelves to add family photos or different decorative details.

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