Tricks to Make this Christmas an unforgettable one!

Tricks to Make this Christmas an unforgettable one. We are all eagerly awaiting the main winter event and have high hopes that December 25th will be a beautiful day. In anticipation of the upcoming celebration, a list of tricks has been created that will make preparing for the party even easier and more interesting.

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Decorative with reflection: Adding some reflective elements to your Christmas tree will create the impression that it is brighter with colored lights.

How to wrap gifts in a minimum of time: If you've run out of time wrapping gifts, try using this trick. Simply wrap the box in plain paper, cut it into the shape of a half Christmas tree (or any other festive symbol), fold, and you're done!

Replace snowflakes with paper: Making your own paper flakes and placing them on windows is one of the simplest ideas for decorations. Try to do it not with paper, but with glue. This is a great way to activate your children's imagination.

Trucos para Hacer de esta Navidad una inolvidable

Decorations made of salt: You don't have to spend a lot of money on materials if you want to decorate the Christmas tree with things you and your child have made with your hands. For example, she can make salt dough ornaments, which look just as good as clay ones.

Trucos para Hacer de esta Navidad una inolvidable

Gift Wrap Decorations: There are always pieces of beautiful wrapping or gift papers left. You probably won't be willing to throw them away after wrapping the gifts. There are several ideas on how to use them.

The correct way to decorate the walls: The correct way to place decorations on the walls and stick decorative papers is as follows: first place a piece of masking tape and then apply the glue. This way, the decorations won't leave any permanent damage on your wallpaper.

Hide the base of the Christmas tree: A regular cardboard box is a good idea to hide the base of the Christmas tree. Just wrap it in wrapping paper and want it perfect.

Trucos para Hacer de esta Navidad una inolvidable

Festive tableware: There is a forgotten set of glasses in almost every house. With the help of a couple of special markers, you can decorate them so that they look great and brighten up the table.

Fairy lights for the house: The eternal problem with fairy lights at home is that the green power cord always attracts unwanted attention unless it is camouflaged by the Christmas tree. However, take a spray bottle with a golden color and the problem can be solved in a few minutes.

Festive bow in just a few seconds: You don't have to spend a lot of time decorating the house for Christmas. You can make exquisite bows from materials you already have in your home in no time.

Trucos para Hacer de esta Navidad una inolvidable

Candy decorations: Edible Christmas tree decorations are something that many people remember fondly from their childhood. There's a fun, modern solution: melt hard candy in funky-shaped containers.

Packaging with Spirit: Buy a pair of bright holiday socks. It can make an attractive mug for your morning coffee.

Dried pine nuts: Before using pine nuts as decorations, dry and clean them. You can place them for 20-30 minutes in the oven at a temperature of 200 degrees. This will prevent moisture and insects from entering the house.

Tabletop Christmas tree You can make your own Christmas tree using just a few branches of the fir tree. Just place the branches in a jar and decorate them.

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