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15 Very Creative Benches That We Can All Have at Home Without Much Investment

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Looking for an affordable and creative way to add seating to your home? Here are 15 bench building ideas you can make yourself from affordable and recycled materials. From cinder blocks to pallets, these benches are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

1. Concrete Block Bank

  • Materials: Concrete blocks, wood.
  • Description: Use concrete blocks as support and add wooden boards for the seat. You can paint the blocks for a touch of color.
Bancos muy creativos para tener en casa

2. Bench with Pallets

  • Materials: Recycled pallets.
  • Description: Dismantle the pallets and reuse the boards to build a rustic and robust bench. Add cushions for added comfort.
Bancos muy creativos para tener en casa

3. Bench with Logs and Boards

  • Materials: Wooden logs, boards.
  • Description: Place two logs as a base and secure a thick board for the seat. Ideal for a rustic setting or a garden.
Bancos muy creativos para tener en casa
Bancos muy creativos para tener en casa

4. Bank of Recycled Tires

  • Materials: Used tires, thick rope.
  • Description: Stack tires and wrap them with rope to create a comfortable and sturdy seat. Paint the tires for a more fun look.
Banco de Neumáticos Reciclados

5. Wooden Box Bank

  • Materials: Wooden boxes, cushions.
  • Description: Use stacked wooden boxes as a structure and add cushions for comfort. This bench is easy to move and rearrange.
Banco de Cajas de Madera

6. Brick Bank

  • Materials: Bricks, wood.
  • Description: Stack bricks and place a wooden board on top for a quick and sturdy bench. You can attach the board to the bricks with strong adhesive.
Bancos muy creativos para tener en casa

7. Bench with Old Chairs

  • Materials: Old chairs, wood.
  • Description: Join two or three old chairs with a wooden board to create an original bench with a lot of character.
Banco con Sillas Viejas

8. Concrete and Wood Bench

  • Materials: Concrete, wood.
  • Description: Pour concrete into molds to create the bench bases and add a wooden board as a seat. This bench is extremely durable and perfect for outdoors.
Bancos muy creativos para tener en casa

9. Metal Pipe Bank

  • Materials: Metal pipes, wood.
  • Description: Use metal pipes to build the bench frame and add a wooden board as a seat. You can paint the pipes for an industrial look.
Banco de Tuberías de Metal

10. Bench with Old Drawers

  • Materials: Old drawers, cushions.
  • Description: Recycle old furniture drawers to create a bench with additional storage. Place cushions on top for added comfort.

11. Barrel Bank

  • Materials: Wooden barrels.
  • Description: Cut a barrel in half and use each half as the base of a bench. Add a wooden board on top and paint the barrel for a custom look.
Banco de Barriles

12. Driftwood Bench

  • Materials: Driftwood, metal supports.
  • Description: Use driftwood for the seat and attach it to metal supports for a bench with a natural and organic touch.
Banco de Madera Flotante

13. Ladder Bench

  • Materials: Old ladder, wood.
  • Description: Place a wooden board on an old open ladder for an easy and original bench.

14. Recycled Door Bench

  • Materials: Old door, cushions.
  • Description: Use an old door as a base for the bench. Add cushions and metal or wood legs to complete the look.

15. Painted Pallet Wooden Bench

  • Materials: Pallets, paint.
  • Description: Paint the pallets in vibrant colors before assembling the bench for a piece of furniture that adds a cheerful touch to any space.
Banco de Madera de Palets Pintados
Bancos muy creativos para tener en casa


Each of these projects is simple and uses easy-to-find materials. With a little creativity and time, you can transform your space without spending a lot of money.

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