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12 Tricks to Save Space in the Kitchen

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Optimizing space in the kitchen is essential to maintain an orderly and functional environment. Here we present 12 effective tricks to save space and improve the organization of your kitchen.

1. Drawer with Boxes for Cereals and Bulks

Use drawers with dividers to store cereal and other bulk foods neatly and accessible.

2. Meat Board with Hole

Make waste disposal easier with a cutting board that includes a hole, allowing scraps to fall directly into a container.

12 tricks to save space in the kitchen

3. Sliding Table

It incorporates a retractable table that you can hide when not in use, optimizing the available workspace.

12 tricks to save space in the kitchen

4. Paper Towel Holder

Install a paper towel holder in a strategic location to keep them close at hand without taking up counter space.

5. Retractable Pot Organizer

Save space with pot organizers that can be retracted and expanded as needed, keeping pots and pans tidy.

12 tricks to save space in the kitchen

6. Space for Sponges and Cloths

Designate a specific area near the sink to store sponges and cloths, preventing them from taking up counter space.

12 tricks to save space in the kitchen

7. Sink Corner Dish Drainer

Use the corners of the sink for drainers that make better use of space and keep dishes organized.

8. Bread and Vegetable Box

Store bread and vegetables in a box specifically designed to keep them fresh and organized.

9. Pet Feeding Drawer

Reserve a dedicated drawer for your pets' food and utensils, keeping them accessible and organized.

10. Door with Space for Coffee, Tea and Spices

Take advantage of the inside of the doors to store small jars and bags of tea, coffee and spices, freeing up space on the shelves.

11. Containers for Cereals or Nuts

Use specific containers to store cereals or nuts, keeping them fresh and organized in the pantry.

12 tricks to save space in the kitchen

12. Device Organizer

Keep kitchen appliances organized and out of sight when you're not using them, freeing up counter space.


Implementing these tricks will not only help you save space in your kitchen, but will also improve its functionality and order.

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