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10 Ways to Make Things Like New

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Keeping your utensils and household objects like new is possible with these practical cleaning tips. Here we show you how:

1. Cutting board

Materials: Lemon, salt, wet sponge
Instructions: Clean the board with the sponge and rub with a mixture of lemon and salt to disinfect and remove stains.

2. Copper saucepans

Materials: Salt, vinegar, rough sponge
Instructions: Pour salt over the saucepan, add vinegar and rub with the sponge to restore the shine.

3. Porcelain plates

Materials: Special detergent for porcelain
Instructions: Use the detergent to polish and remove scratches, returning its original appearance.

4. Baking tray

Materials: Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda
Instructions: Apply a pasty mixture to the tray, let it act for 30 minutes and wash normally to remove accumulated grease.

5. Carpet

Materials: Vinegar, water, damp cloth, iron
Instructions: Mix vinegar and water, spray on the stain, cover with the cloth and iron in steam mode for 30 seconds.

6. Iron frying pan

Materials: Special detergent, gloves, garbage bags, white vinegar
Instructions: Apply detergent, place the pan in a bag and let it rest. Repeat the process and submerge it in a water and vinegar solution.

Leave the pan in the bag for 1 or 2 days and then wash the pan.Place another layer of detergent and repeat the process with the garbage bag, letting it sit for another day.
The active elements contained in the cleaners remove all dirt. You just have to soak the pan in a solution of warm water and vinegar (in equal proportions) for an hour and clean the surface with a sponge.

Now let's get to the top of the pan:

Heat the oven to 250 ° C and place the pan inside for an hour.Then carefully add a little oil.Wait for the metal to absorb the necessary amount of oil and remove the rest with a dry cloth.Again, place the pan in the oven, but now with the bottom side up.After 15 minutes, remove the pan from the oven, wipe with another cloth, and place in the oven once again.You already have the first top layer of the pan renewed, but you will need to redo the process with the oil two more times.At the end, let the pan cool in the oven.

Mantener objetos como nuevos

7. Tiles

Materials: Chlorine cleaning product
Instructions: Clean the grouts with the product diluted in water, ensuring adequate ventilation.

Mantener objetos como nuevos

8. Cloth slippers

Materials: Detergent, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda
Instructions: Mix the ingredients and rub the shoes to restore their whiteness.

Mantener objetos como nuevos

9. Leather furniture

Materials: Olive oil, cotton
Instructions: Clean scratches with cotton dipped in oil, let dry and repeat if necessary.

Mantener objetos como nuevos

10. Leather wallet

Materials: Damp tissues
Instructions: Clean stains by rubbing with tissues to keep the wallet in good condition.

Mantener objetos como nuevos

Keeping your household items in excellent condition is not only possible, but also easy with these practical cleaning and restoration tricks. From kitchen utensils to furniture and accessories, applying these techniques will allow you to extend the life of your belongings and keep them looking like new. In addition to being an efficient way to take care of your things, these methods also promote sustainability by reducing the need to frequently replace items. Try these tips and enjoy an always impeccable home!

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