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Handrail Designs for All Environments

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Handrail Designs for All Environments, whether your project is indoor or outdoor, large or small. Hopefully, these designs and ideas can help you complete your current project or help kickstart your next project.

Simple handrail for front steps

Our Signature Offset Single Rail Railing is a perfect kit for just a couple of steps on your front porch or entryway. The 518 Kee Klamp softens the handrail along where you and your guests would hold on.

Steep interior staircase railing

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Adam in Toronto designed and built this railing to blend well with the wooden staircase and brick wall. This design makes great use of the standard railing flange, a unique swivel socket, malleable plugs, and rail support hardware.

Basement Stair Railing

This basement stair railing, built by Matthew in Pennsylvania, is a modified version of one of our stair railing kits.

Matthew didn't have a railing for years and needed one after growing in age.

After receiving the items, which include a single swivel socket, wall flange, and swivel flange hardware, he said this was a quick and easy one-day project.

Pipe and cable railing

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A popular style of metal railing is the cable rail system. This railing has cables that run parallel to each other and between the railing supports which gives it a “modern” aesthetic. This can be done with Kee Klamp fittings, and the pipe would only need holes to allow the cable to pass through.

front porch handrail

Front porch steps are a highly sought after area for our handrails. There are so many variations on front porches and fortunately, Kee Klamp accessories can accommodate all of those variations.

This customer, Richard, chose the L160A Surface Mount Railing (Aluminum) for his front porch. He said the railing helps him and his wife feel more comfortable walking up the front porch steps.

Stair landing handrail

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Jassen in Denver, Colorado, built this stair landing railing with flanges, 90° elbows, and three-socket tee fittings. He needed an easy way to extend the height of the stair landing wall and Kee Klamp was the perfect choice to complete this project.

Entrance steps Handrails

When Mike was building his new home, he designed concrete steps leading up to the driveway. He needed to install a railing that would provide more stability with a clean industrial look to match his home. We offer a handrail kit that closely resembles Mike's build with the classic limited landing single rail handrail. Mike used the side exit elbow and a swivel elbow to transition the landing to the steps, and then used a wall flange to mount the handrail to the garage.

Small interior stairs railing

At Angilynn's house, she had steps leading up to her kitchen and needed to replace an old, wobbly railing that she felt was no longer safe. This railing includes flanges, 90-degree elbows, side exit elbows, three-socket tees, and two-socket crossover fittings, all painted with a copper finish.

loft railing

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This loft railing built in Nashville, Tennessee by Patrick is a perfect example of building a railing that fits the aesthetic of a home. He added wire mesh panels to the railing using single-sided clips to give it a unique and modern look.

Roll-up stair railing

Roller or “spiral” stairs can be a bit challenging when designing and building a railing for them. Scott in Santa Cruz, California, came up with a solution using pipes and fittings. This railing was built with our ADA fittings that connect seamlessly across the entire railing, and for the tight corner, a variable angle fitting was used to overcome this challenge.

Railing and attic door

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This attic door and railing works to prevent people from falling through the attic door when it is open. This Simplified Building client, Scott, had this to say about the project: “The work turned out great and I feel very safe moving around in the attic.”

Deck Stair Handrail

The rear deck is another popular use for our handrails. This railing was designed and built by our own team member, Michael. He designed this composite deck and then installed two sets of classic offset surface mount railings on opposite ends to add support to the deck steps.

Front porch railing

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This house was built in the 1880s and David wanted to build a porch and railing that would blend well with the house. Just like the classic Limited Landing Single Rail Railing, David designed and built this railing and sprayed it brown with a textured brown paint to perfectly match the look of the house.

Upper floor balcony railing

This balcony railing features the cable design shown above and includes flanges, three-socket tees, and two-socket crossovers. This design creates a nice functional and aesthetically pleasing look.

Indoor Ramp Railing

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Gerry in Arnold, Maryland, built this ramp railing for his restaurant. Now, I'm not saying everyone has a restaurant, but people can have ramps in or around their home. This simple rail uses two types of fittings, a flange and a 90-degree elbow.

Balcony railing with glass panel

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This unique balcony railing was built using our Kee Klamp fittings along with glass panels. The panels attach to the corners with P50 offset tabs which really help accentuate the railing.

brick porch railing

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This unique offset style surface mount railing kit was painted cream to match this brick porch. This handrail is simple enough for anyone to install and can be customized for most porch sizes and shapes.

Children's playroom railing

Chris' daughter had a small playroom in the attic and needed to build a railing to ensure her safety. Using Kee Klamp hardware and tubing, she was able to design and assemble this railing easily and she was able to paint it white to match the color of the playroom.

stone path handrail

This classic offset single rail handrail kit is very easy to install and is perfect for paths leading to your home or backyard. You can learn how to install this railing here with this video: Build a Simple Rail Railing.

Indoor stair railing

This loft staircase and railing was designed and built to add style and functionality to this kitchen area. The railing extends to the ceiling and is attached to the floor using our flange fittings, as well as other accessories such as three-socket tees, two-socket crossovers, 90° elbows, and 90° side exit tees.

Flexible Indoor Stair Railing

Eric removed a wall to open an enclosed staircase in his house. He then needed a railing so that the stairs and landing would match. He built this railing using Kee Klamp fittings and his own ingenuity by using a pipe bender to bend it into the corner.

Front Step Handrails

John installed these classic offset single rail handrails on his entry steps. They are painted black to perfectly match the stone steps and brick house.

Stair handrail and landing

When designing his upstairs office, this client wanted a simple installation and a seamless transition between the stair railing and the loft wall railing. Kee Klamp products and a Signature wall mount handrail were the perfect solution for this project.

Metal railing for wooden stairs

Kee Klamp fittings can be used in many different applications, especially when replacing existing railings. This client, Hank, was replacing his older banister and wanted to maintain the rustic look of his house and staircase.

Exterior metal and wood railing

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Our single rail kits are also perfect for adding to existing rails. Here you can see an existing wood staircase and railing that had plumbing and hardware, such as the classic wall mount ADA single rail railing, added to provide greater support and an easier grip for people going up and down these stairs.

Front entrance railing

Dan in Arlington, Washington built this two-part railing for his front entry/loft. The railing consists of a handrail that is mounted to the wall along the staircase and a loft edge railing that contains a cable system.

These stairs have a handrail similar to the classic wall mount handrail and the landing handrail uses 90° elbow fittings, a standard handrail flange, an adjustable side exit tee and wall mounted end return fittings, and they are all painted black to match the look of the room.

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