Rustic shelving with tree trunk

Rustic shelf with tree trunk. There is nothing better than enjoying a good wine in the coldest seasons of the year, but what would you say about doing so, but apart from that, having a shelf so elegant that just by looking at it you would have the desire to come and have a bottle of wine? without thinking?

Here is a brilliant idea from a man who decided to create his own original rustic wine rack with a tree trunk

Rustic shelving with tree trunk

Then he began to make small holes to form round openings along the trunk.

The Holes are deep enough to hold a bottle of wine without it falling. He also gave it a coat of varnish to protect it from the elements that quickly destroy the wood.

Rustic shelving with tree trunk

Finally, all that remains is to buy the bottles of wine and use it. If you can find a tree trunk, you can create your own with a little ingenuity.

Vintage Rustic Appearance Design: Rustic wood design will make your living room or kitchen more rustic and impressive, the decorative wine rack can also match any wine cellar, bar or food storage room. The rustic style adds character and handcrafted details. The wall wine holder is made of 100% natural wood, which is very durable. The sturdy construction is more durable and can prevent moving, tilting or falling, which can ensure the safety of your wine collection.

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