Add a rustic touch to your kitchen!

Add a rustic touch to your kitchen. A cabin or home with a rustic design is not complete without a rustic kitchen countertop. If you are (re)designing your home or kitchen for a rustic look, this would be your chance!

The kitchen is one of the busiest and most used areas in any home. But many homeowners don't put as much thought into designing it as much as they do rooms or happier areas of the house. Take a look at all of these rustic countertops and you'll see how much the homeowners have invested to have a truly unique and charming kitchen.

A simple kitchen interior design can be transformed step by step into something attractive that many would call a classic kitchen. Thanks to simple elements of recycled furniture, homemade trays and lighting fixtures you can transform the interior in a radical and beautiful way. A simple bird cage on an open kitchen counter can easily become the focal point in such a space blowing a breath of old-fashioned life into the air. Whether you practice cooking or not the kitchen is still the place where we gather in the morning we sit down and have a cup of coffee in the morning. Take a look at the gallery below and spark your imagination with creative ideas on how to add a vintage touch to your kitchen.

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