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30 Creative Ideas to Create Art with Wine Bottles!

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Have you ever found yourself choosing a wine because of the bottle? Ideas about wine bottle crafts may interest you. You'll find a wide variety of ideas: some simple, fun and easy. and some elegant in design and style.

Van Gogh Art: Imagine this beautiful bottle in a place of honor or important ceremony.

Wrapped in Jute: Outstanding bottles wrapped in jute.

Board: It's very easy to make, which is why we enjoyed making these bottles.

Screen printed bottles: Make spring vases like the ones pictured.

Thematic art: With drawings of apples that will make its elegance stand out more.

Transparent planters:

Bird feeders: Great idea to use wine bottles.

To serve snacks: Of course, this is a little more complicated to do, because you need a glass furnace to melt the bottles into trays.

Collage: Using old maps is a beautiful way to cover a wine bottle.

Photo frames: Turn an empty wine bottle into a photo frame.

Spider: Make your own elegant chandelier with beautiful wine bottles.

Bottle of wine wrapped with gift paper:

Pendant lights: It would look great in a Tuscan style kitchen.

Etched glass: I definitely want to make more than one of these etched glass bottles.

Citronella candles: Perfect idea for the patio party.

Golden stripes: Very elegant. A great idea for wedding or holiday decorations.

Mercury Trees: So unique and beautiful.

Elves: Adorned with the attire of little elves.

Wrapped in thread:

Outdoor torch: Couldn't these make magical outdoor lighting for a wedding reception?

Spray paint: Get an older look for your wine bottles.

Terrarium: Another super idea.

Bottle caps: Ideal to give as a gift.

Seashells: A bottle of wine adding seashells.

Soap bottles: Soap dispenser.

Holes in wine bottles: Drill small holes to add string lights.

Canapé knives made from wine cork:

Pizzi Waffle:

For the Christmas table: Create a beautiful Christmas centerpiece with wine bottles.

Halloween: An easy decoration for Halloween.

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