Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas

Amazing Christmas gift ideas for each passing year, time seems to go by faster. When you least expect it, the lights appear in the stores and you remember that you need to start thinking about Christmas gifts for family and friends. This year, how about thinking about different packaging?

In this article we will show you 15 different and beautiful options to make your gift original this Christmas. I hope you like these ideas and you do them this Christmas.

Embellishment with Christmas pine

The pine and leaf give a rustic and beautiful touch to the wrapping.


Tweezers with or without branch, painted or unpainted. They always look pretty.

Frying pan(fabric) and satin ribbon

You can wrap a gift box with thick tissue and tie with white satin ribbon. It looks super pretty.

Fun packaging

A simple touch that gives a formal touch to the packaging.

Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas


Brooches, buckles and jewelry in general look very pretty in the packaging.

Different tapes

To keep in the party spirit, try to find ribbons in different colors and textures. For example, with a little glitter.

Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas


If you don't have material to make a different bow, you can always innovate on your own. Try to make a nice design.

Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas

Decorative cardboard balls

In addition to bows, balls made with cardboard or cardboard also look pretty. Cut out and make the drawing you prefer.

Christmas reindeer

A reindeer-shaped wrapper can be made at home. You will need a paper bag, colored paper, scissors, glue, wire, red wool, and red glitter. Cut out 3 oval-shaped pieces of paper: one for the nose and two for the eyes. Make the nose with glue and glitter. Mold the horns with the wire and wool. At the end, stick everything on the paper bag.

Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas


ou can print and paste the photo of the person you want to give the gift to. In addition to a beautiful detail, it works as a substitute for the written name.

Packaging for chocolate

If the gift is a chocolate bar, lose a few small ones to make a beautiful wrapper. Wrap with a white sheet and make a snowman face. Make the scarf with a piece of red wool.

Wall paper

If you have some wallpaper left over, decorate a box with it. It is simple, but very beautiful.

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